Research highlights gap between AIIB's disability rights commitments and actions in first project in Bangladesh

AIIB's Environmental and Social Framework commits to addressing the risks and impacts of its projects on people with disabilities. A new report from Access Foundation Bangladesh highlights the gap between AIIB's commitments and actions in its first investment in Bangladesh.

In the report, which can be accessed here, Access Foundation Bangladesh describes the lack of inclusion of people with disabilities in project design, planning, and implementation. Concerns raised included:

  • People with disabilities were not included in consultation processes.
  • Procedures meant to ensure community health and safety during the construction process did not address the unique risks to people with disabilities, such as the risk falling through uncovered manholes; and
  • Systems for grievance redress did not ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

Recommendations include:

  • Ensure disability inclusion throughout the project cycle, as required by AIIB's policies;
  • Produce a guidance note on ensuring disability inclusion in AIIB-financed projects; and
  • Train AIIB staff on disability inclusion.