Our Africa program provides information and strategic advice to African civil society organizations and communities affected by the detrimental projects and policies of IFIs that have posed an enormous challenge to African countries and contributed to a cycle of dependence.

We assist our network of partners actively involved in IFI issues in Africa to monitor projects and policies while amplifying the voices of affected peoples. The program focuses primarily on issues of participation and accountability as well as the social, environmental and economic impacts of the natural resources and energy sector development on the continent. Our location in Washington, D.C. allows us to engage directly with the World Bank Group headquarters and the US Government to help gather information for our partners on the ground in sub-Saharan Africa and to ensure that their views are heard by decision-makers here. We also support partners working to engage the African Development Bank.

Related Institutions: African Development Bank, World Bank Group

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For more information, please contact our East Africa Consultant:

Phiona Nampungu

+256 712 555 107

For more information, please contact our West Africa Regional Coordinator:

Dahmata Koffi

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