Video: LGBT and Indigenous Sexual Diversities in Latin America

BIC organized a delegation of 9 Latin American SOGIE activists to participate during World Bank Annual Meetings.

The delegates met key decision makers both inside and outside of the institution, participated as expert panelist at events during the WB Policy Forum, and a Civil Society Organizations Alternative Event.

The meetings they held and attended significantly contributed to raising awareness and visibility of the discrimination and suffering faced by LGBTI people, and to educating Bank staff on SOGIE rights. As a result, the Latin American Executive Directors committed to supporting the SOGIE Task Group to do a report in a couple of Latin American countries on the cost of LGBTI discrimination, comparison of legal frameworks, and their impact on development and the LGBTI community.

We ask the World Bank to promote and finance research in Latin America on the cost of discrimination against LGBTI persons and indigenous sexual diversities, in order to be able to economically quantify the grave harms generated by discrimination, hate crimes, marginalization, and violence, and the inequality of opportunity in public policies. In order to continue to make progress in reviewing and improving the draft of the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework, it is necessary to hold a specific international event to deal with issues surrounding LGBTI persons and ancestral indigenous sexual diversities, wherein diverse topics are addressed related to the role of the Safeguards in protecting sexually diverse populations.

Read the full report, presented at the Annual General Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund 2015 in Lima, Peru.

Fundación Diversencia / Coalición LGBTTTI de las Américas en la OEA
Secretaria de Pueblos Indígenas frente al VIH, Sexualidad y DD.HH (SIPIA)
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