BIC calls upon IFIs to immediately halt funding to the Burmese Government

We stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar and their democratic rights. IFIs must support the rule of law and cut off funding to the military junta.

BIC along with over 200 civil society partners sent a letter to urge International Financial Institutions (IFIs) to immediately freeze loans and other financial assistance to the country amounting to an estimated US$11Billion. In a joint letter led by 120 civil society groups in Myanmar, signatory organizations demanded that IFIs recall loans linked to the junta and military companies, and reassess engagement to ensure they do not benefit the junta that overturned the elected government in the 1 February 2021 coup d’état. The letter emphasized the need for IFIs to stand with the civilian population instead of the Myanmar junta, military (Tatmadaw)-linked companies, or their cronies.

For more information see the letter here and a press release here.