How is BIC tracking the World Bank’s COVID-19 projects?

BIC is monitoring information about COVID-19-related projects funded by the World Bank as part of our efforts to advocate for a transparent, coordinated, and inclusive response to the pandemic.

The “COVID-19 World Bank Emergency Response: Projects Repository” tracks the COVID-19-related projects the World Bank is financing to clarify how much money the Bank is committing to countries for pandemic response and through what financing instruments. This spreadsheet includes the following types of projects: 

  • Pipeline projects funded by the $14 billion COVID-19 Fast Track Facility 
  • New projects receiving funding through other World Bank financing and trust funds 
  • Existing projects that have been extended or are receiving additional funds 
  • Existing projects for which funds have been reallocated to address the pandemic 
  • Projects that had been in the pipeline before the pandemic and which have been reframed and approved to address COVID-19

The spreadsheet provides users with basic information about COVID-19-related World Bank projects including their sectors, approval and closing dates, costs and commitments from the Bank, financing instrument used, and any relevant parent projects in cases when a new project is created to provide additional funding to an existing project design. For health projects that were active before the pandemic but which the Bank has included under its “other forms of finance,” an explanation is included of whether the project has been extended or funds have been reallocated. There are links, if available, to any documentation about the restructuring of the projects. Finally, links to the project page and relevant project documents are listed for each project. 

The “Projects Repository” spreadsheet supports BIC’s broader efforts to advocate for the Bank to be transparent and inclusive in its pandemic response, such as ways to address the needs of marginalized groups and to strengthen stakeholder engagement. Through project information we are tracking in the spreadsheet, we can assess potential environmental and social risks of these projects, like in the Philippines COVID-19 Emergency Response Project. We hope the spreadsheet will also serve organizations and communities advocating for improvements and accountability in the Bank’s response, both for specific projects and at a higher policy level. 

We will continue to review documents that the Bank discloses for COVID-19-related projects and investigate other projects that the Bank is extending or reallocating to support countries’ COVID-19 responses. We will update the spreadsheet accordingly, so check back for new and additional information. For questions about the spreadsheet or to discuss what is happening in your country, please contact Mariel Palomino at

Access the “Projects Repository” here.