Civil Society and the Country Partnership Framework

The World Bank works with each borrowing government to develop a 4-6 year strategy for the Bank's activities in the country, known as a Country Partnership Frameworks (CPFs). These documents identify projects and sectors the World Bank intends to finance to meet the country's development objectives. Along with national development plans and priorities, CPFs are informed by an assessment called the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD), which the World Bank conducts. SCDs look at the challenges and opportunities for poverty alleviation in the country.

Both the SCD and CPF should be developed with the input of stakeholders, including civil society. Engaging at this early stage of the development process can be an opportunity for civil society to present concerns and highlight risks in specific sectors or to encourage the Bank and government to design programs across the project portfolio that are more inclusive.

To find out whether a CPF is being developed in your country, take a look at this list of planned CPFs or go to the World Bank's Consultations page where most CPF/SCD consultation opportunities are listed.