Marco Vermaasen

Campaign Manager

Marco joined the Bank information Center in 2024, as Campaign Manager.  Before becoming BIC staffer, he collaborated as an independent consultant on several of our projects, including monitoring of WBG and IDB projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, and he was also lead author on BIC’s research of WBG’s decarbonization of its transport portfolio.

He is passionate about institutional development for governments and NGOs, environmental management and social collaborative processes. Previously he worked as Network Development Officer and Policy Officer for Wetlands International in the Netherlands, as Coordinator of a GEF conservation project in the La Plata basin, and as Planning Director for a municipal government in Argentina. He has also served as Information Specialist at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires and in the Economic Section of the Argentine Embassy in Berlin.

Marco holds a degree in International Relations from Universidad del Salvador and a Masters in Public Management from Universidad de San Andres, and he has extensive experience in climate change, environmental conservation and public participation.

Working from Berlin, Germany, he will support our policy and environmental actions in Asia and Latin America.

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