Katelyn Gallagher

Campaign Manager, Civic Engagement

Katelyn is a Campaign Manager at BIC on Civic Engagement and the Middle East and North Africa. Katelyn joined BIC’s Middle East and North Africa program in 2011, first as an intern and then moving on to manage BIC’s program and partnerships in Egypt. She now follows the World Bank’s role in the MENA region writ large, as well as its particular support to Jordan and Lebanon as major host countries of refugees. At BIC, Katelyn has focused on issues of civil society interaction with World Bank projects and policy review processes, working with civil society from Egypt to input into the Safeguards review process, and with civil society from Egypt and Tunisia to influence the development of new Country Partnership Frameworks for their countries.

Prior to joining BIC, she spent time studying Arabic in Egypt and Morocco during the Arab Spring. Katelyn received bachelor’s degrees in government and politics and Arabic studies from the University of Maryland, and is currently a master’s candidate in sustainable development: international policy and management at SIT Graduate Institute.