Tanzania Productive Social Safety Nets II (PSSN-II) Project

The objective of Tanzania Productive Social Safety Net II (PSSN-II) project in Tanzania is to improve access to income-earning opportunities and socio-economic services for targeted poor households while enhancing and protecting the human capital of their children. The PSSN-II project has two components that provide fundamental support to poor households to support their livelihoods and community socio-economic advancement. The project operates through cash transfers to poor households, and supporting public works with the community where PSSN-II project is operating.


  • The Foundation for Environmental Management and Campaign Against Poverty (FEMAPO) and BIC conducted a desk review and held meetings with local PSSN-II staff based in Arusha, as well as local stakeholders and child rights organizations.
  • FEMAPO and BIC found that stakeholder consultations had been delayed significantly, and that existing plans for stakeholder engagement were not designed to be inclusive of children or child rights organizations. 
  • Additionally, there were no plans for training around child SEA prevention and reporting protocols for ground-level project staff most likely to be in contact with children.