Lesotho Education Quality for Equality Project

The Lesotho Education Quality for Equality Project (LEQEP) is a World Bank funded project that aims to promote inclusive growth by targeting the least performing schools in lagging areas. The main objective of the project is to improve basic education service delivery and student retention in targeted schools. The project is intended to benefit the teachers and students in 312 primary schools and 65 secondary schools. Most schools covered in this project are situated in the remotest areas of Lesotho where residents rely solely on animal and crop farming.

The intended results for the project are increased teacher presence and attendance in targeted schools, improved teacher content knowledge, increased pass rates and retention rates. This project is divided into three (3) components:

  • Improve the teaching and learning environment in targeted primary and secondary schools.
  • Strengthening school accountability for student learning and retention in targeted schools.
  • Strengthening institutional capacity and project management.