Emergency Response and Nafa Program Support Project

In 2020, the World Bank Group approved $70 million of funding for the Emergency Response and Nafa Program Support Project to support Guinea’s efforts to further strengthen the country’s social protection system. The foundations for Guinea’s social protection system were first established through the Bank’s productive safety nets project, which closed in December 2020. Generally, Guinea’s efforts to fight poverty have historically been hampered by a vulnerability to shocks, including Ebola and COVID-19 pandemics. The overall project objective is to “develop the building blocks of a national shock-responsive social protection system and increase access to shock-responsive safety nets for poor and vulnerable households”. Project components include: delivering emergency cash transfers as part of the COVID-19 response; providing support to cash transfers and accompanying measures under the Nafa Program; strengthening social protection institutions and delivery systems; engaging in project management, monitoring, and evaluation; and, supporting contingent emergency response.