Santa Cruz Road Corridor Connector Project

The Santa Cruz Road Corridor Connector Project aims to improve transport accessibility between San Jose de Chiquitos and San Ignacio de Velasco in eastern Bolivia.

There are two components of the project- the first covers the road upgrading, as well as the implementation and supervision of the Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plan, Resettlement Action Plan, Resettlement Policy Framework and the Indigenous Peoples Plan. The second component is the technical/feasibility studies for another stretch of road upgrading for the 300km stretch between San Ignacio de Velasco and San Matias, which connects with Brazil. It was approved in January 2017. Chiquitano and Ayoreo indigenous communities will be impacted by the project. According to the Bank, the project with directly impact 17 Chiquitano communities and indirectly affect 3 Ayoreo communities in nearby Santa Teresita, a Native Community Land.