Why does the Bank Information Center exist?

The policies and programs of multilateral development banks (MDBs) can exacerbate climate change, undermine human rights, and further marginalize people who have historically faced discrimination. We stand with those whose health, livelihoods, homes, sacred sites, and support systems are threatened by the development process, and work to reform the development finance system to prevent harm  to people and the planet.

Amplifying Local Voices to Democratize Development

Our Vision

Development is driven by communities, reduces poverty and inequality, sustains the environment, and fulfills human rights.

Our Mission

The Bank Information Center (BIC) promotes social, ecological and economic justice by amplifying local voices and democratizing development.

Who We Are

BIC is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that advocates for transparency, accountability, sustainability, and inclusion in development finance.

What We Do

BIC partners with civil society in developing and transition countries to monitor and influence the policies and operations of the World Bank Group and other international financial institutions (IFIs). In partnership with international, regional, and local CSOs, BIC conducts research and advocacy aimed at reforming and improving IFI policy and practices.