About us


IISCAL works to promote the implementation of Chinese environmental and social regulations in investment projects abroad, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean. For this purpose, IISCAL carries out advocacy, training, dissemination and monitoring of compliance with Chinese regulations on environmental and social issues. IISCAL focuses on the role of Chinese investment banks in guaranteeing compliance with environmental and social safeguards in the companies sponsoring the projects, and in turn, that Chinese companies respect Chinese legislation and international best practices. IISCAL works with government officials, research centers, grassroots organizations, banks in Latin America and China, chambers of commerce, indigenous communities and other stakeholders interested in the sustainability of Chinese investments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our strategy

  • Increase understanding and use of China's environmental and social guidelines; as well as promoting and monitoring its implementation.
  • Promote collaboration among Latin American, Chinese and international organizations and institutions through the exchange of information and experiences.
  • Promote the implementation of Chinese social and environmental guidelines.
  • Support the dissemination of information on Chinese finance in Latin America, including, among others, frameworks and types of investment, amounts, sectors and trends.


IISCAL carries out research on Chinese investments and loans in Latin America that allow to visualize the challenges and problems that Chinese enterprises often bring with them. IISCAL regularly publishes case studies, reports and policy briefs not only for civil society but also for governments that must decide whether or not to undertake projects with Chinese financing or with Chinese companies. IISCAL has specially studied hydroelectric projects, mining, renewable energy and transport projects. These studies can be found in the Resources section.