Inspection Panel issues final report on Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project

However, the Inspection Requestors will not be able to see the report for several weeks.

The Panel investigating the Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project (CRBIP) in Pakistan issued its final report on June 10th, 2004. The CRBIP complaint was processed under the ADB’s previous (1995) Inspection Function, which does not require the ADB to disclose the Final Report to the Requesters or the general public until the report, and a response to it from ADB management, are submitted for consideration to the Board of Executive Directors. Only after the Board reviews these documents and makes a decision about the case will the final report be made publicly available.

The Chashma Requesters are demanding that they receive a copy of the final report immediately so that they may verify its content and submit their comments on this report to the Board for consideration.