Disability rights and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

AIIB's environmental and social standards for projects commit to addressing risks and impacts on people with disabilities, and to promoting their access to the benefits of infrastructure projects. But these commitments have yet to be realized in practice.

Infrastructure projects can offer many benefits for people with disabilities, but also come with the risk of harm.

A BIC review of project documents for AIIB stand-alone projects demonstrates that while AIIB has been continuously improving disability inclusion in its projects, there are still significant gaps. In order to prevent harm, BIC advocates for the AIIB to ensure that projects:

  • Use universal design in construction;
  • Disclose information in an accessible form and manner;
  • Conduct an audit of the accessibility and safety of project construction sites;
  • Consult affected people with disabilities in an accessible and inclusive way; and
  • Incorporate an accessible system for grievance redress .

Access Foundation Bangladesh describes these issues in detail in the first case study on the disability risks and impacts of an AIIB-funded project. BIC is also examining the impact of resettlement on people with disabilities as part of our work on the Metro Manila Flood Management Project.