BIC Submits Joint Recommendations for World Bank Inspection Panel Modernization

Together with several CSOs and veteran practitioners (listed below), BIC submitted comments to a working group of the World Bank's Board of Directors that is currently considering the addition of several important functions to the Inspection Panel's "toolkit." Along with the authority to monitor action plans and offering a forum for dispute resolution, which BIC sees as necessary additions to truly modernize the Panel, our joint submission urges the working group to approve five other reforms under consideration, including the authority to offer advisory services, extending the cutoff date for filing complaints, expanding communication with requesters, clarifying the Panel's role in reviewing Bank-Executed Trust Funds, and avoiding accountability gaps in the context of co-financed projects. See our full submission here.

The submission was signed by:

Kindra Mohr, Accountability Counsel

David Hunter, American University Washington College of Law

Elana Berger & Jolie Schwarz, Bank Information Center (BIC)

Carla Garcia Zendejas & Erika Lennon, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

Kris Genovese, Centre for Research in Multinational Corporations (SOMO)

Natalie Bugalski, Inclusive Development International (IDI)

Jocelyn Medallo & Ishita Petkar, International Accountability Project (IAP)

Lori Udall, Montpelier Consulting

Nadia Daar, Oxfam International