Steward Beckham

Communications Coordinator

Steward Beckham joined BIC in July 2022 as the Communication’s Coordinator. He is an advocate for the proper disclosure of information, as well as the rights of marginalized and Indigenous communities.

Previously, Steward was a Media Analyst at Media Matters for America, which studies the influence of propaganda on American journalism. He aided the Media Intelligence team by monitoring different forms of fringe and mainstream media that would eventually lead to extensive research on the way partisan interpretations, conspiracy theories, and misinformation seeped into mainstream political discourse. 

Steward also finished his Master’s program in 2022 at American University in Washington D.C. where he studied Political Communications. As an undergraduate at the University of Maryland in College Park, he participated in the university’s main filmmaking club and helped put together an independent student film festival each semester. 

During his undergraduate summers, Steward participated in campaigns run through Maryland PIRG and Environment Maryland which focused on cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and raising awareness about the impact of antibiotic overuse within Subway’s factory farms. In 2016, he was a Social Media Intern at the National Organization of Black County Officials, which sought to involve county officials in national efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDs, especially in impoverished communities of color.

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