Rachel Bergman

Health Policy Fellow

Rachel joined the Bank Information Center in 2020 as a Health Policy fellow. Her work focuses on addressing how the World Bank can be more inclusive in its health projects to ensure that health services reach the most marginalized communities and that the Bank funds efforts to provide services most in demand by communities. 

Rachel’s work at BIC combines her passion for improving systems of health and development with her experience holding institutions accountable. Prior to joining BIC, Rachel co-founded and served as director of the Web Integrity Project at the Sunlight Foundation, holding the U.S. federal government accountable for shifts in public information on federal websites and access to Web resources. Throughout her academic career, she completed several global health research projects in countries such as Zambia, Cambodia, and Benin. 

Rachel received a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from Princeton and a master’s of science degree in Global Health from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

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