Peru Improving the Performance of Non-Criminal Justice Services Project

If this Project is designed to improve access to the justice system for all its users, it must address the additional barriers to doing so faced by persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups.

This project is an outgrowth of earlier efforts by the World Bank to modernize the Peruvian justice system by reducing processing times for cases, increasing access to legal counsel through ALEGRAs (legal aid centers), and allowing persons to access their cases online.

The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency, access and transparency of and user satisfaction with the delivery of non-criminal justice services. The indicators for these goals are:

  • Reduced processing times, between the presentation of a claim and the decision that resolves the case, non-criminal EJE courts
  • Increased satisfaction of female users with the services provided at the ALEGRAs.
  • Increased percentage of users accessing their case status online.
  • Increased percentage of users satisfied with services provided in a representative sample of non-criminal courts.