Corredor Multimodal Pasto-Mocoa e Hidrovía del Putumayo

Landscape in Colombia

Original image by Diana Marcela Bautista, estudiante de antropología de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The stated objective of the project is to strengthen trade between the 4 countries and facilitate access to the Pacific Ocean for exporters seeking to export to China and other Asian markets. The first segment of the road, Pasto – San Francisco (located in the Department of Putumayo), is 67 km in length, and began in 2006 with resources from the Colombia government, but will be complemented with a loan from the IDB.

The second segment of the road between San Francisco – Mocoa is the primary focus of the IDB loan and will include both rehabilitation as well as the construction of an entirely new 47 km segment of the road for an approximate cost of $150 million. As one of the most geologically daunting roads in all of Colombia, the implementation of the San Francisco – Mocoa road faces numerous technical challenges. Moreover, the road will transect an important ecological and culturally sensitive region that will trigger tremendous economic, social and environmental impacts. For these factors, the IDB has carried out extensive analysis of the direct and indirect impacts of the proposed projects, investing $US 1.5 million in three major studies – including one of Colombia’s first strategic environmental assessments. Civil society organizations have engaged the analytical process and have criticized the lack of attention to appropriate ecological analysis, land use and territorial planning challenges, the rights of indigenous peoples in the area affected by the road and an appropriate and well funded mitigation and development component [1]

The BICECA project conducted a case study analysis of the Pasto Mocoa project as one of several inputs into the project planning process.

Case Study (in Spanish) of Pasto Mocoa and Putumayo, February 2008

The financing and construction of the Road Corridor Pasto – Mocoa will have two phases. The total amount of a loan under preparation by the IDB for phase I will be US$ 90 million will fund 16 km of route located outside the forest reserve (6km San Francisco and 10 km for Mocoa Pasto). It also financed all of the environmental and social measures in the Plan of integrated social and environmental management and sustainable development (PMASIS). The second phase is expected to be approved in 2010, corresponds to the financing of 29 km located within the forest reserve. In this context, the phase I will allow that the measures are being advanced socioambientales of implementation before starting the construction of the section within the reserve (phase II). The main objective of this program in two phases is: The Pasto – Mocoa Road is part of the Tumaco (CO) – Belém do Pará (BR) inter – modal transport corridor of the IIRSA Initiative. This corridor promotes greater integration of the Colombian road network with Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, improving the trade between these countries and facilitating the access to the Pacific Ocean. The Pasto – Mocoa Road works are divided in two segments. The first one, Pasto – San Francisco, is 67km and works will initiate in 2006 funded by the Government. The present operation refers to the second segment San Francisco – Mocoa and will include the improvement and the construction of a 47 km by-pass, at a estimated cost of US$150 million. The works along the San Francisco – Mocoa road segment face several technical, environmental and social problems. Therefore, a technical cooperation is being prepared with the IDB’s Fund for Regional Infrastructure Integration, in order to prepare technical, social and environmental studies required to address these issues.